About MathB.in

is a website meant for sharing snippets of mathematical text with others on the web. This is a pastebin for mathematics. This website was born out of a one night hack on Sunday, March 25, 2012.

Posting and sharing

A new post can be composed by visiting the and writing or pasting code in the box on the left hand pane of the page. Once a post is composed and submitted, the page is saved and it becomes accessible with a new unique URL. The new page looks similar to this page and it has a unique URL of its own. The URL can be shared with anyone on the web and he or she will be able to visit your post.


The post can be composed in a mixture of plain text, LaTeX, Markdown and HTML. HTML tags commonly used for formatting text elements are supported. For a demonstration on how LaTeX is rendered, see the . To quickly get started with posting math, see the .

Bug reports and suggestions

If you come across any bugs, or if you have any suggestions, please email Susam Pal at or report an issue at .

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